This accessible book guides us through the emotional and relational fallacies of organizational leadership while offering practical routes out of them. Professor Claudia Nagel explores the leader as an individual and the context of leadership within organizations, covering concepts such as attachment theory, women in leadership, and hybrid working.
Claudia has invited several experts to write case-studies – they include Gilles Amado, Birgitte Bonnerup, Philip Boxer, Halina Brunning, Annemette Hasselager, Manfred FR Kets de Vries, Olya Khaleelee, Fiona Martin, Ajit Menon, Rose Mersky, Mal O’Connor , Larissa Philatova, Martin Ringer, Rob Ryan, and Kalina Stamenova.

Leadership goes well beyond efficient management, and the significance of emotions on the success of organizations is often underestimated. In  Leading With Depth: The Impact of Emotions and Relationships on Leadership , Claudia Nagel guides us through the emotional and relational fallacies of organizational leadership from both the personal and the systemic perspective.

Nagel expertly weaves theory, including attachment, neuroscientific, psychodynamic, psychosocial, and psychoanalytic, with practical advice. She looks at the leader as an individual and leadership as a context within systems such as groups, organizations, and societies. The book is divided into two parts and contains forty figures to illustrate important aspects of leadership. The first chapter in each part is purely theoretical followed by more method-oriented and practical chapters, which are complemented by pertinent case studies from well-known experts in the field (coaches, consultants, or academics). Each chapter concludes with a brief overview of the key learnings for the reader to take away. In this way, Nagel encourages practical learning and application and engagement with the text.

Nagel’s clear language spares the reader of academic jargon and is highly readable. The book successfully bridges the gap from theoretical concepts to real-life application and will be of value to incoming and experienced leaders alike, as well as organizational consultants and executive coaches looking to inform their practice.