Where Goethe met his Lili and his mother looked for support: since March 2016 we have moved our domicile to the Lili Temple ind Offenbach/Frankfurt am Main.

Since March 2016, our business premises are located in the so-called Lili Temple in Offenbach.

Already Goethe was a welcome guest here, just outside Frankfurt. Even if we are not Goethe, the Lili Temple invites you to develop your creativity. The beautiful old room inspires and encourages us to reflect on yesterday, today and especially tomorrow. The high spaces and the special energy form represent an unusual frame for getting beyond the daily routine of the operation and forging deeper into new mental and emotional dimensions.

In coaching and workshops, we think about personal and entrepreneurial issues with you. In fireside chats, company boards and in our new strategy salon, we work together on your company’s success.

The FAS (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung) reports in detail with Anton Weinberger about Lili Tempel and Claudia Nagel.