EVO and the department for promotion of economic development had invited and more than 120 guests came to the old Schlosserei in Offenbach on 15th of August 2017. This year’s Offenbach dispute focused on the central theme of modernity, freedom, and the question of whether or not it would be threatened at the moment and, if so, what should be done.

On the podium sat Prof. Willaschek, Kant expert from Goethe University, brother Paulus, a belligerent month of the capuchin order and Hans Strothoff, a very successful entrepreneur from Dreieich. An extremely exciting, contrary and entertaining discussion by Claudia Nagel was presented. As a result it became clear how much more the capacity for freedom should be promoted – through teaching, education and the practicing of the competence, to consciously deal with their conscience and the different decision and action alternatives.